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About us

For many centuries metal has been a faithful companion of mankind in its development. Scientific and technological progress, the development of technology and science do not stand in one place. The latest achievements, the latest developments and achievements, new discoveries. At the moment, the most popular are Nickel-containing alloys. Nickel-containing steel, having special properties, is widely in demand in the chemical and food industries, as well as in the engineering and military industries. The metal is resistant to deformation, high strength and corrosion resistance.

To date, OOO"VTM" is a reliable supplier of precision, copper-Nickel and wehrleweg alloys, heat-resistant and stainless steels, welding stainless steel wire. Deliveries from the Russian and foreign manufacturing plants are adjusted. And also we make heat-resistant Nickel-containing long products with a diameter from 12 mm to 250 mm, smelted in slag, induction, vacuum furnaces. We render services in industrial processing of metal on the radial forging machine (RKM): the maximum diameter of initial preparation of 350 mm, and the minimum diameter of the received bar of 12 mm. As well as the possible roll of sheet metal of greater thickness in the smaller.


Our company specializes in the following steel grades:

      EI943             EP648VI         EP760          EI612             EI765            

      EP693VD       EI868              EI698VD      EP33VD         EI435                                EP718D         EI598              EI787           EP915-VD      EI703




Sheets 06HN28MDT by prod of Russian factories.

06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo sheet 3,0*700*1100mm  6000,0 06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo  sheet3,9*700*2000mm  1400,0

 06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo    sheet 4,0*1410*4200mm  260,0

        06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo sheet6,0*1000*4600-5030mm  7000,0

   06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo   sheet12,0*1240*4940mm  1750,0

  06CrNi68WMoTiAlCo  sheet25,0*1160*2570mm  1740,0


Bar CrNi73MoNbTiAl by Vacuum remelting d.160-2

Bar CrNi73MoNbTiAl by Vacuum remelting d.4145,0

Bar CrNi73MoNbTiAl by Vacuum remelting d.180mm 470,0 length 2200mm

Bar CrNi73MoNbTiAl by Vacuum remelting  d.260mm 5497,0


Bar CrNi60WTi d.10mm 51,0

Bar CrNi60WTi d.12mm  53,0

Bar CrNi60WTi d.24mm  251,0

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email: vtm163@gmail.com

Phone: +7 846 979-83-30

Opening Hours:


MON–FRI: 7:00–22:00

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Director: Kalachev Andrei Ivanovich

Phone: +7 927 260-10-29 

Deputy Director: Romanova Anastasia Ivanovna

Phone: +7 927 202-73-50

           +7 (846) 979-83-30

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